District Cooling System (“DCS”) is a centralised method of producing and delivering chilled water to multiple buildings, for the purpose of air-conditioning, through an underground network of insulatedpiping. In this network, a unit (investor) of all office buildings, a commercial center will provide services to many customers for cooling. Using this system investors / suppliers and customers will receive many financial, environmental and social benefits. This cooling method is extremely suitable and effective for areas with high population density such as airports, schools, hospitals, industrial parks, commercial centers and urban construction clusters.

With full solution for HVAC & R of District Cooling System including: Security and fire safety – HVAC & R equipment – Control system – Home management system – Project management – Full range of accompanying services, as well as the official distributor of prestigious air conditioner brands in the world such as Hitachi – Chiller (Japanese technology) and York – Chiller (US technology) Fujita E&C is very suitable to answer demand for commercial and industrial cooling systems, through the ability to provide suitable, innovative and sustainable equipment for efficient and long-term operation of the system.

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Benefits of District Cooling
for Supplier


  • Competitive product – long term, stable business
  • Economic flexibility – use a variety of fuels sources
  • Data available for plant and customer system optimization

Social / Environmental

  • Expert plant maintenance programs deliver leak tight equipment
  • High efficiency systems deliver reduced CO2 emissions

Benefits of District Cooling
for the End User


  • Reliable source of cooling energy, equipment redundancy
  • Decreased noise and vibration
  • Aesthetically pleasing, elimination of rooftop equipment


  • Capital cost avoidance – chiller, tower, and condenser pump
  • Predictable monthly expense
  • Less HVAC equipment = more space for core business activities
  • Reduce / Eliminate number of HVAC service specialists

Social / Environmental

  • Environmentally friendly company reputation
  • Elimination of refrigerant management requirements